Sunday, May 13, 2012

God Invented Me

Do you ever have a random thought that just kind of floors you?  The, "Wow, that was really profound" kind of thought?  I had one recently.

God invented me.

Now, we all talk about God being our Creator, but usually, we don't think much beyond God knitting our bodies together in our mother's womb.  But what we don't stop and think about is the fact that God also created our souls, our very life.  He knew from day one what our temperaments would be, what we'd like, what we wouldn't like.  He knew what kind of dreams we would have and who our lives would touch.

God invented me.

Think about that for just a moment.  Sparked within the mind of God was the idea of YOU.  He always knew He'd create you.  Who knows what was here before creation, but God knew you even then.  In that way, His idea of you was always eternal.  God has no beginning; we cannot fathom it, but an eternal God is eternal in both directions.  Therefore, if He always knew He was going to create you, then you have always been on His mind.

We are a product of our own free wills, but who we are and who we ultimately become is straight from God's imagination.  Just as He invented rocks and chlorophyll and oxygen and the color chartreuse, He invented you as well.

More than knowing your eye color, your hair color, or whether or not you'd have freckles, God wanted you to be exactly who you are.  Where you are in life is no accident.  He places us where we can shine the brightest for Him.  He gives us our abilities to shine wherever we happen to be.  The will of God for your life was known long before Genesis 1:1.

Whether a believer or a non-believer, we all belong to Him.  There's no getting around it.  Everyone was created by Him, every single person who's ever lived was invented by Him.  He knows their thoughts and fears, their joys and their sorrows.  We are, each of us, unique.  Like fingerprints, each person God has invented is not like anyone else.  God is one of a kind -- therefore so are we, made in His image to think, reason, and love.

It is both staggering and humbling at the same time to know there has never been a time in all of eternity that you were never planned for.  Nothing is an accident to God.  Whether or not your parents planned for you, God did.

He made your body and your soul.  He made you YOU.  The way you smile, your angry pout, that loud guffaw, that determination, your stubbornness, your easy-going-ness...  All of it planned for, all of it finely tuned to be the person God wants you to be.

He is the Ultimate Inventor, the Master Crafter.  His Imagination is infinite, and in eternity past, He imagined you, and knew He'd always create you to be you, because God's will is always done, on earth as it is in Heaven. 


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