Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Devotional: 1 Peter 5:7

Ever read something a million times and then read it again with new eyes?

Consider 1 Peter 5:7.  This verse is a great play on words.  "Cast all your cares..."  In this context, care is a noun.  These are your anxieties, your stresses, your worries, your doubts, your fears.  "Cast your cares upon Him" means to give them to Him.  "Casting" implies tossing them, throwing them at Him.  He will take them, every one.

"For He cares..."  In this context, care is a verb.  Christ is genuinely concerned for your well-being.  He wants to know all about your problems.  He loves you.  He truly does care what happens to you and will bear the burden for you if you only give it to Him.

But think about this dynamic.  You give Him your worry and stress...why?  Because He loves you.  He bears them for you.  In return, you no longer have to carry them.  You only need to be still; God will fight for you (Exodus 14:14).  He is your shield, your strength, your deliverer, your rock, your fortress, your stronghold, and the horn of your salvation (Psalm 18:2).  He is before you, and at your right hand (Psalm 16:8).  You might fall, but you will not be cast away, for God is holding on to your hand (Psalm 37:24).

But the word-play in this verse is quite fascinating.  The same word reflects itself, like a mirror, turning what was once bad into something now good.  "Cast all your cares" (bad) "upon Him because He cares" (good) "for you."

Give Him your "bad", because He gives you His good.  Toss all your "bad" at Yeshua, and receive His goodness.  All your cares were nailed to His cross.  All that's left is His goodness and His love. 

Because He cares for you. 


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