Tuesday, May 31, 2016

All My Fountains - Release Day - Free Read!

Today is release day for my newest book, All My Fountains! This book is offered online as a free read - you're welcome to download it, share it, print it out, quote it, but never for profit! I pray this book blesses you. It took me two years to write - not for any deep subject matter, but rather, because I believe the Lord needed me to fully live the subject matter in order to bring true edification to His Church. Without further adieu, here is the blurb and the link to the free read. Enjoy!


Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us Two Great Commandments; to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Many strive to love others through kindness, charity, giving, and goodness, but who among you strives to love the Lord God before all other loves?

The four attributes of the First Great Commandment are like an engine which serves to love God to the greatest of our ability. When one link breaks, the entire chain suffers. If there is no strength to pursue God, we therefore pursue the world. If the mind is not involved, there can be no growth in sanctification. If the soul isn’t willing, then you're a false convert. If your heart isn’t on fire, there is no furnace to fuel a deep abiding love.

Scripture tells us all our fountains are in Him. If we’re to live abounding in His wondrous grace and glorious love, then every brook, every stream, and every river of our lives must be redirected to flow toward Christ Jesus. It is only then this resplendent Fountainhead channels His rivers of living water to overflow the banks of our hearts. Open the floodgates, brethren, and hold nothing back from loving our great God.

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