Saturday, July 14, 2012

He Is Everything - The Alpha and Omega

The more I learn about Yeshua, the more I realize it's all ABOUT Yeshua.  Everything.  The Bible from cover to cover.  Salvation from start to finish.  Creation from one end to the other.

So many people want to know the meaning of life.  Why are we here?  What does it all mean?  The answer is clear.  Yeshua.  The meaning of life is to know and commune with our God.  We are here to praise and worship Him in fellowship.  It means He loves us so very much that He was willing to take the penalty of sin upon Himself in order to save us.

This world is a stepping stone into the next.  We live here for a season, a breath, a blink, a heartbeat.  But we live there for an eternity.  God gave us this life as an opportunity to choose Him.  Love is not love without a choice in the matter.  Therefore, God had to provide a way to choose Him.  If we were created in an eternal world, we wouldn't have a choice in the matter of knowing and loving Him.  We'd see His Glory with our own eyes.  We'd know His love without a shadow of a doubt.  It would not be a free choice to love Him.

Our purpose on earth is to choose to love Him and tell others about Him.  Choosing to love someone is a much stronger bond than loving someone because you "have to".  When you choose to love, it is from the heart, a willing decision to be with them.  When you're forced to love someone, that love can turn to resentment.  We may begin to despise their presence.  God doesn't want this.  He wants warm, willing hearts to turn to Him by their own choice.

Once you choose to love Him you begin to see His design for death and rebirth in everything.  It is a common theme throughout creation.  Winter changes to spring.  Bears hibernate for months and then waken.  Caterpillars cocoon themselves until they're ready to take wing as butterflies.  Seeds must die to germinate into a new plant.  Trees shed their old leaves to grow new ones from their naked, spindly branches.  And every night, we go to sleep - to awaken the next morning.

Even stars explode into a supernova only to have the gases coalesce into new stars.

Resurrection is everywhere in creation.  And it's all about Yeshua.

He has resurrected Himself from the dead, and has promised to resurrect those who believe in HIm as well.  One day, we will stand on the streets of Heaven in glorious glorified bodies.  We will be like Him, and we will see Him as He is (1 John 3:2).  It's the Grand Design.  The reason why we're here.  To become like Him, in mind AND body.

He gives us the choice to freely love Him, or to reject Him.  If we choose Him, our love is genuine because it is not forced.  We want to love Him.  When we want to love Him, we want to share Him, so others can know and love Him as well.  And we hold tight to His promises, that He is one day coming again, bringing His reward with Him (Revelation 22:12).

There isn't anything in this life that isn't about Yeshua.  His signature is all over creation.  His plan for rebirth is right before our eyes, shucking the finite for unimaginable, infinite glory.  Changing from undesirable to desirable.  From death to life.

There is no life apart from Yeshua (1 John 5:12).  To be literal, there is no heartbeat, no breath, no brain waves, no thoughts, and no will without Him.  To be figurative, there's no joy, no love, no hope, no faith, no fun without Him.

However, when we cross over into the eternal without choosing Him, the figurative becomes the literal in Hell, as your physical body has already died.  If you do not have life in Yeshua, you will exist in a place without Him -- no joy, no love, no hope, no faith, no fun, no friends, no God.  To be without life in the physical world is to die bodily.  To be without life in the eternal world is to die spiritually.  Dying spiritually does not mean you cease to exist, but rather, you live eternally without Him.

Since we are made in His image, we are eternal beings.  We exist for as long as God exists, and He will exist...forever.

The entire point of our earthly existence is to choose God and have life in Him.  Along the way, He gives us grace, joy, love, peace, and blessings.  But this life is just a stepping stone.  A spring board.  The starting line to the vast gulf of our eternity.  And it all hinges on your one, single choice to love God...or not.

That is why it's ALL about Yeshua.


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