Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Did You Create Me?

Why did God create each and every one of us?  It's probably one of the most common questions God receives (I'm assuming).  Why DID God create you?  Why did He create me?

I asked God this question just the other day.  I was thanking Him for giving me life.  I enjoyed gazing at His creation.  I enjoy Him.  So I thanked Him for breathing within me the spark of life.  And I asked Him, "Why did You create me?"

"Because I knew you'd love Me," came His whispered, unspoken reply.

That made me smile.  I remembered my Scriptures.  "Before the foundation of the world," I murmured.

"Yes," He replied.  "I knew you before I created a single atom."

"But why me?"  I was stubborn, I suppose, not satisfied with His previous answer.

God said, "Because it pleased Me to do so.  I knew the joy you'd find in Me.  I knew the love you'd have for Me.  It pleased me to create you to give you that Joy."

And then, beyond words, God gave me an impression.  It wasn't a picture or a daydream, just a knowledge that hadn't been there before.

From before Genesis 1:1, from before time, in eternity past, I have ALWAYS been a part of God's plan for His Church and for His Son.  When God looked through the ages, He planned for every member of Christ's Bride, of which I am a member.  He created me because I was always meant to be created.  There was never a plan for Christianity without ME.  Without YOU.

The next time you feel worthless or down in the dumps, remember, God PLANNED you in His Grand Design.  There is no such thing as the Bride of Christ without YOU.  You are foreordained, foreknown, and foreloved by God, whose delight it was to create you, to give you the Joy He knew you'd find in His Son.

God's answer to my curious question blew my mind just a wee bit.  We don't give enough thought to just how much God knows.  He knows everything there IS to know.  He knows the past, present, and future.  Of COURSE He had a plan for me, and for each one of us, before the foundation of the world.

Too often, the singular Christian gets lost in the "collective Church" or the "collective Bride" of Christ.  We are one body in Him.  He died for us all.  But we don't usually remember that salvation from Yahweh is a very PERSONAL thing.  God doesn't save a "collective", but one person at a time.  Therefore, every Christian who truly loves and follows Christ was known and loved and planned for before the stars winked into existence.

The next time you look up at the bright full moon or the starry night sky, remember this one thing: before God laid them across the firmament of the heavens, HE KNEW YOU AND LOVED YOU.

Our God is an Awesome God.


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