Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Devotional: Matthew 28:20

"Behold, I am with you always" ~~Matthew 28:20

The words of our Lord at the end of the book of Matthew have comforted countless Christians for 2,000 years. It is very profound in its simplicity.

"Behold" (according to Google) - See or observe (a thing or person, esp. a remarkable or impressive one): "behold your king!".

This verse begins with "Behold", which, according to its definition, means the Speaker (Christ) has something very remarkable or impressive to say. Listen! Pay attention! What I am about to tell you is worth the hearing.

Then, we come to that blessed Name above all names: I AM. Yahweh, Lord of Hosts, the Great I AM. God, in all His wisdom, gave Moses the name of "I AM" at the burning bush (Exodus 3:14) to tell Pharaoh of Who's authority he spoke. But the name "I AM" is only half of God's name. Yahweh did this on purpose, so that in His Son, the full glory of "I AM" can truly be revealed and understood. In the book of John, we see Yeshua display His true Glory. "I AM the Light..." "I AM the bread..." "I AM the door..."


In Matthew, Yeshua gives us another: "I AM...with you". The God of all Creation is with you. Wherever you are. In the ocean depths, He is with you. On the mountain top, He is with you. In the far reaches of space, He is there. Hidden in the hall closet, even so, He is with you. There is nowhere you can think of in this entire universe you can flee to outrun Him. There isn't a single nook nor forgotten cranny in which He is not present.

This should bring you great comfort, for God meets you where you are. He has never left, nor will He ever leave. He is always there, right there. Yes, even within your thoughts. One heartfelt cry and I AM is at the ready. The King of Heaven has inclined His Divine Ear to your groaning. What privilege we have as children of God! The Eye that gazed at the Heavens and called it "Good" is now gazing at you. The One who breathed life into your lungs has given you His rapt attention. There is nothing you might say that He finds boring, nothing you care about that's a trifle.

We do not need to request an audience with our omnipresent King. We are not cast in an endless line waiting to be heard. Nor are we given a number and sent to a waiting room. No, the God of Glory is there for you.


Always. According to Google - "At all times; on all occasions."

Always. In all circumstances. When the rain pours, when the sun shines. When the flowers bloom, when the leaves fall. When the bills are paid, and when they're overdue. When you are soaking in the Spirit or as dry as a bone. When you've been praying for years, or just now beginning. Whether you've loved Him all your life, or have come running to His arms like the Prodigal son. Always. Always. Behold, My child. I AM with you always.

Praise the Lord. \O/


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