Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Song of Solomon: My Dove with Dove's Eyes

The first place in Song of Solomon we hear the expression "doves' eyes" is in Songs 1:15.  The theme of the dove is prevalent throughout this book: 

"Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold thou art fair, thou hast dove's eyes."

I did some general study on doves, and it would seem the accepted explanation of this verse is that doves have binocular vision.  This means they can only focus on one thing at a time.  Usually, it is their mate.  Because of this, they have the nickname "love birds."  If you've ever seen a mated pair of doves, what one does, the other does.  They are always watching each other.  It's amazing to witness.  I had the privilege to have a pair of mourning doves in my backyard for a few days.  They sat on the fence together.  They alighted on the ground together.  And they took wing together.  It was as if they were coordinated to synchronize their movements.  

Given that the Beloved (Yeshua) speaks of His love's eyes being like doves' eyes seems to allude to the fact that she only has eyes for Him.  She moves when He moves.  She does what she sees Him doing.  She does not turn or get distracted.  He is the only One she sees.  She does not waver nor turn from her purpose - to follow her Beloved wherever He might lead.

Surely this is a part of the meaning of the "doves' eyes" in Songs.  However, the Beloved also calls His love "My dove", which has a different meaning than having only "doves' eyes."  

Consider Songs 2:14.  In this verse, He calls her "My dove", which means He sees not only her eyes, but HERSELF as the dove:

"O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely."

If we skip a few chapters, we come to Songs 5:12.  In this verse, the woman is explaining why her Beloved is the "chiefest among ten thousand."  She describes HIM as having "doves' eyes":

"His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters, washed with milk, and fitly set."
In the context of the woman having doves' eyes, here, we see the Beloved has them too!  He sees only her.  He loves her individually.  She is His everything.  The one He longs after.  We see this idea take root in Songs 6:9:

"My dove, my undefiled is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the choice one of her that bare her." 

The Beloved is saying here that she is the ONLY one of her mother, the choice one of her that bare her.  This woman, in other words, is like the only daughter of her mother.  The choice of her mother, her favorite.  The one she doted upon and lavished all her love.  There is no other woman like this daughter.  We learned from the previous study about lilies, that the Beloved's love is as a lily among thorns.  She is the choice flower in the garden.  Therefore, Yeshua has eyes for only her.  

This is a marvelous truth to realize.  Most folks believe Christ died "for the world."  And while that's true, the narrow gate into Heaven is single-file.  Our atonement to God is a life for a life.  Our life for the life of the Son of God.  Therefore, we each come to Him one at a time.  We are each one-of-a-kind.  And because we are unique, we can EACH say with confidence, "I am Yeshua's favorite."  

Now, there is another way of thinking about "doves' eyes."  As stated in my previous study, the Song of Solomon is generally seen as allegory between Christ and His Church.  We know the true Bride of Christ is born again and indwelt with the Holy Spirit.  And what is the symbol of the Holy Spirit?  A dove.  

With the eyes as the "window to the soul", when the Beloved looks into the eyes of the one He loves, He sees His Spirit gazing back at Him.  She "ravishes His heart with just one glance of her eye" (Songs 4:9).  The Beauty of the Spirit is clearly evident within her, and her purity is without question.  At the beginning of the book, she tells the Beloved not to look upon her because she is black (Songs 1:5-6).  This is because at the beginning of Songs, she isn't yet covered by the righteousness of Yeshua.  Later in the book, however, the Beloved describes her as having a belly "set about by lilies" and a "neck as a tower of ivory" (Songs 7:2-4).  Therefore, being "black" has nothing to do with skin tone and everything to do with being dead in sin -- UNTIL the Beloved makes her "AS the Lily" in (Songs 2:1-2).

Therefore, not only would she be outwardly righteous (neck as ivory) but inwardly righteous as well (doves' eyes).  

There is one more verse I want to share about the dove that I believe God gave me some insight on.  It is Songs 5:2:

"I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying, Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night."

Here, we have the Beloved knocking to wake His love.  I firmly believe no one can love God in the way outlined in Song of Solomon until Love so desires (Songs 8:4).  Until you ask God to draw you into a deeper, more intimate love with Him, this level of communion with Him will be foreign to you.  Therefore, in this verse, Christ is knocking on the door of her heart...  Much like He knocks in Revelation 3:20.  

We know it is Christ speaking in this verse for a few reasons.  First, He calls His love His "sister."  This isn't some thumbs-up for incest, no.  Christ is our "Brother in the flesh."  Therefore, when you call Christ your "Brother", it is because God condescended to be born in this world as a baby and live a pure life.  Yeshua, therefore, is our Brother.  He is also our "Love."  He left the Throne of Heaven just to prove it.  Again, He calls His love "My dove", but then goes on to talk about... dew?  Huh?

The last part of this verse didn't make sense to me.  So I asked the Lord about it.  I didn't get an immediate answer.  I've been reading through the book of Proverbs and I came across Proverbs 19:12 which states: 

"The king's wrath is as the roaring of a lion; but his favour is as dew upon the grass."

That stood out at me because I'd remembered the weird dew in Songs.  I know there's no "idle word" in Scripture.  So I sat up and took notice.  Suddenly I was piqued to find out what was so special about "dew."  In Proverbs, it would seem God's favor is like the dew.  Okay.  Does that mean the Beloved has God's favor?  Yes.  It does.  But it goes deeper.

Doing a search for "dew" in Scripture I came across a remarkable verse in Exodus 16:13-15:

And it came to pass, that at even the quails came up, and covered the camp: and in the morning the dew lay round about the host.
And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground.

And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another, It is manna: for they wist not what it was. And Moses said unto them, This is the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat.

WHAT?!  MANNA came with the dew!  (I knew that, but I didn't put it together until God opened my understanding.)  After it was pointed out to me that manna came with the dew, it wasn't too hard for me to connect the dots back to Christ.  Manna is the bread from Heaven, and yet Yeshua says that HE is the TRUE Bread from Heaven in John 6:32-33.  

Therefore, was the Beloved taking ME on a rabbit trail that led back... to HIM?  I think so!  Because the Beloved in Songs speaks of His head being full of dew, that means a few things -- first, He has the "fullness" of God's favor.  Not only is He full, but it is His HEAD that is full, and Christ is the Head of the Church.  We know, obviously, that the Son of God has the Father's full favor.  

However, my digging wasn't finished.  "Dew" is also compared to resurrection!  In Isaiah 26:19, it states: 

"Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise.
    You who dwell in the dust, awake and sing for joy!
For your dew is a dew of light,
    and the earth will give birth to the dead."

Now, going back to Songs, Christ is clearly alluding to HIMSELF with the very dew in and on His head!  No word is idle in the Word of God.  Not only does the Beloved have the full favor of God, but He comes with the dew, as manna - the Bread from Heaven.  And also, with Him, comes the resurrection.  It makes one wonder, when His love answers in the next verse (Songs 5:3) and says:

"I had put off my garment;
    how could I put it on?
I had bathed my feet;
    how could I soil them?"

Is the "garment" she put off her flesh?  Would "soiling her feet" be her confusion as to how her now-pure soul can be returned into her "sleeping" (ie. dead) flesh?  Is Songs talking about the dead being glorified at the Resurrection?  It's no surprise to me if it is.  The language of "Arise, my Love, and come away..." (Songs 2:10) is Rapture verbiage if I ever heard it.  

I just love how PACKED this little book is with gems!  There are many more themes - the spices - the garden - the wine - the apple tree - the young stag... it's a very deep well of treasure.  Keep digging in this gold mine and see what you can find with the themes I've suggested.  

And yet there's even more!  Rapture.  Sealing of the Holy Spirit.  The Second Coming.  Seeking God.  Seeing Yeshua as Altogether Lovely.  Intimacy with Him as the Lover of your soul.  

Charles Spurgeon once called the Song of Solomon the "Holy of Holies" of the Bible.  I daresay he was right.  Songs is sacred ground.  Most Christians don't understand it.  Even more don't want to touch it.  Many think it's blasphemous to view Christ in this light.  Some wonder if we're reading too much into it.  Some think it's a manual for intimacy between an earthly husband and wife.  One thing's for sure.  It is intriguing, and absolutely fascinating.  

May my love for my God forever be this deep and this pure.  May I yearn for Him, have a passion for Him, adore Him and stand in awe of Him for the rest of my days.  Yeshua, You are My Beloved ... and I am Yours.  



  1. Wow. Amazing revelation and beautiful.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! My beloved is mine and I am His- May my eyes be like the dove flooding only on my Lover' s face.

  3. Wow, thank you for your beautiful and incitement words. Your beauty truly shines through your treasure hunt! I am blessed immensely!

  4. Beautifully. I must bookmark this and come back for a full reading. I only read bits & pieces and felt my spirit embraced all over again. I myself have begun my study on the dove & yes Song of Songs too, which is such a love story to me of my Lord and His banner over us His children. It's amazing how I am coming across inspiration here and there of what I'm feeling a nudge on in my spirit. I cant wait to continue this reading. Thank you for sharing such a though provoking message.

  5. I'm back & pulling some nuggets, beautiful, beautiful. There is so much richness and love of God to embrace in this blog that is being expressed through the knowledge & revelation spoken here. It's by chance I randomly came upon this blog. There's too many connecting nuggets in my own quiet meditation whereas this blog is highlighting, coloring and moving me in depth to see my own Jesus love story. Who figured, what a lovely place, Songs, to speak in depth about dove eyes. I have been studying Ex 33 specifically " In the clefts of the rock" where God placed Moses. So finding Songs 2:14 it spoke to my spirit as God called me out as His dove. And by the way, dove have been in my spirit so to see it all come together. Then to hear a prayer song by Juanita Bynum in one of her videos sing " give us dove eyes " placed another quest to seek what is this. So here I am and this blog adding more depth and continuing a personal story to be written. Thank you for following your heart to write, your discipline to commit to studying. Truly you are a blessing.

  6. I'm so glad the Lord blessed you through my study. I love Songs, it's my favorite book of the Bible. A lot of people take it for granted, being a short book about passionate love, but it is infinitely rich and deep, and has vastly helped in my quest to love Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. I have a more recent study about the apple tree in Songs that you might like. God bless!

    1. Thank you for this wonderful explanation. I am reading the Bible with peers right now, found this and had to share. God bless you

  7. I have had a kine ear toward Songs but found ( at the time) not allot of info as well as limited resources ( not being able to have access to the net as much as I would like for studies) . I have read a various bible translations looking for easy on word understanding. Few ministers really go in depth too of the book but despite those obstacles I still had a heart for the Songs. Doing times & seasons when I sensed the wooing of God in my heart, Songs would be the book to grasp more nuggets. I wonder too, is their any videos of the book like a few other books I find in Christian Book stores. This would be very nice to see...or a theatrical play of Songs. Songs is unique indeed : ) and speaking of unique. The marvelous truth in realizing yes Christ died "for the world." but to really see yes,the narrow gate into Heaven is single-file. Our life for the life of the Son of God. We each come to Him one at a time. Making us each one-of-a-kind, yes, yes, yes. And because we are unique, we can EACH say with confidence, "I am Yeshua's favorite." Love it ! Isn't it lovely how He loves on each of us. We are the apple in our Father's eye. I like reading and one of my favorites books by Serita Ann Jakes " The Princess Within " she took the Cinderella story and put a beautiful christian spin to it. I must read the apple tree in Songs Study then. I see The Lily Among the Thorns, looking forward to reading that one too. I love the lily flower specifically the Calla Lily. It's horn shaped reminds me of a call, this too would make a good nugget. Thanks for responding : )

  8. Have you heard the song Dove Eyes by Misty Edwards, beautiful

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  10. Thanks lots. What a wonderful revelation you carry. God bless you with more.

  11. Becka! This was & is positively a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing & being THAT vessel. This topic has been on my heart for a while & reading this post has been so enlightening. Especially the break down of the dew -- leading back to Him!! It was just so wonderful to read this. Glad to have found your blog. God bless you saint. More grace & peace be multiplied to you.

    With love,
    Nash Amber

  12. This was interesting reading. Song of songs is beautiful and works on two levels, using references to romantic love as a guide to the intensity of spiritual love. The dove reference is linked with the Holy Spirit, and the sense of being fanned by intense light and love when the spirit enters. The repeated waves of love follow a rhythmic orgasmic pattern of light but deeply penetrating pulses similar to the motion of wings flapping. Light, wings, and intense focus are the triad stemming from the dove symbol. Added to this is the sense of grace and nurturing tenderness attributed to these soft and gentle birds, who coo warmly to each other like lovers exchanging intimate endearments.

  13. Noah used a Dove in Genesis 8 to see if there was any dry ground. The first trip was fruitless because everything was under water. The second trip, the Dove returned with an olive branch. The third trip, the dove didn't return because it found a place to rest the sole of its foot. That third trip is my favorite verse. Because its Pentacost.
    What causes the dry ground? The forgiveness from the cross. Look at Moses raising the staff over his head, and the waters parting.
    Most important, look at everything that happens in the Bible between God and Man, and Husband and Wife working together as one. When Peter walked on the water, he was looking at the Lord, and the Faith flowed to him in the relationship. Everythng we do in Christ is in relationship with Him. Its possible to do nice things for people without relationship, but then its not in Christ. Matt 7:22-23 If we want truly to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit, we should ask for that power, looking firmly into His eyes. "Lord, love through me, bring peace through me, give patiences through me, bring joy through me, etc..." These things only truly happen with dove's eyes, and we should ask them in the same way that Peter asked Jesus to invite him out of the boat. Back in the garden, God and Adam walked together, they did things together. THERE WAS RELATIONSHIP. The first couple started a different path that excluded God. They made their own rules, and that spirit is all around us even today. In the church people want the "gifts" of God, but then they want to be independent agents, exercising great authority, and working great deeds. Its not much different then the first sin. Having a relationship with God is a marriage, and those deeds and gifts are exercised as a loving couple looking ito each others eyes as one.

  14. I'll say it again, ITS RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, The Son of God, that brings salvation. How do you explain your faith in Him. Its because you look to Him, and His Faith flows in you. How else do you explain the faith you have in Him. Everywhere, there are voices in this world claiming that Christianity is a hoax. YET WE KNOW THAT WE KNOW THAT ITS TRUE! This is God's gift, and comes in relationship. There are so many more things we can receive in our relationship with Christ, if we seek Him. A powerful metaphor of the Joy we receive from Christ can be seen in the story of the wedding in Canaan. Jesus tells the servants to fill the clay jars to the brim with water, and then take some to the master of the feast. It became wine, a symbol of Joy. We are like clay pots, and God's Word washes us like water. When we fill ourselves with God's Word (as He has commanded us) we are filled to the brim with His Word. But its not wine until we take it to the master of the feast. It doesn't become wine before the relationship begins, in other words, when we actively engage the Word of God with Christ Jesus. Then the water becomes overwhelming joy in us. You have kids. I encourage you to fill their jars with water to the brim. Later, when they grow up, and if they come into a relationship with Jesus. Then that water will become the finest wine. You know this from your own experience. Of course there are lots of jars filled with water out there, but it doesn't change to wine without the connection to the master of the feast. Jesus commanded the servants to take the cup to the master of the feast. He didn't say for them to only fill the jars with water and thats it. Why don't we take the verses in our heart to the Lord? Do you want to see joy? Real joy! I know you already have seen that Joy, in the Song of Songs. It opens up to you when you spend time Him. Think of all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit, they all are enpowered by Christ in relationship. In the church these days, there is a lack of that relationship. Christians want to go to God's storehouse, gets some powers and authorities, and then leave roaming dungeons, and executing spells. Listen to these modern day preachers, they say nothing about the relationship. They are up there screaming, "the power is yours". Adam and Eve had power and authority. But their sin was that they wanted to use it seperate from God.

  15. A spiritually blessed and inspiring meditation!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I read this because I am on a quest for a deeper relationship with Christ. I dared to read this book as a relationship between Christ and myself. Amazing how other Christians raise an eyebrow when they hear your reading song of Solomon! What a beautiful picture of the dove! Of God's love for us! Of his approval of us! Yet it is all him! I am nothing without him. Oh, that people would open their eyes and hearts to the love God wants to share with them! You have saved me much time of study.

  17. Wow wonderful!! Thank you so much for this beautiful revelation of HIS UNDENIABLE LOVE for us!!! I love you Beloved sister. Amen Amen ALMIGHTY KING JESUS!!

  18. thank you thank you!! I pay I will be lovesick for JESUS and have Doves eyes!!!

  19. thank you thank you!! I pray I will be lovesick for JESUS and have Doves eyes!!!