Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seek Yahweh your Elohim - Devotional - 1 Chronicles 22:19

Today’s text comes from 1 Chronicles 22:19.  Now set your heart and your soul to seek Yahweh your Elohim.”  This verse is one of the main themes of the Bible.  All throughout the Old Testament and even in the New, Yeshua tells us to seek Him (Matt. 7:7).

“Set your heart…”

Your heart is the seat of who you are.  Your hopes, your dreams, your love.  "As water reflects a face, so the heart reflects the man." (Proverbs 27:19).  The heart, therefore, speaks of one’s life.  Their values, their beliefs, their actions, their words.  The heart is more than love, it is who you are.  It’s Strong’s number 3824, the same word used in one of my favorite passages of all time, Psalm 73:26: “Though my flesh and my heart may fail, God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.

With the context of our “heart” as our “life”, we see our “heart may fail”, could perhaps mean that we may fail in our values, we may fail in our language, we may even die, but God is the strength of our life.  He is the hope of our eternal life.  Setting your heart, therefore, means turning the rudder of your life toward God.  Changing habits, changing routines.  Just as exercise and eating right are lifestyle changes, so, too, is seeking God with all of your heart. 

“…and your soul…”

Here, we have another entreaty, to seek God with your soul.  Strong’s number 5315, this is the same word in Song of Solomon 3:2: “I will seek him whom my soul loves.”  This word in Hebrew is “nephesh”, and means your “self, life, creature, person, appetite, mind, living being, desire, emotion, passion.”  More than just our heart, we seek Him with our soul, our very spiritual desire to be with the One Who created us.  This is more than a fleshly desire, this is an spiritual one.  It is a desire that God Himself placed upon our souls from the foundation of the world.  Everyone desires happiness.  Wholeness.  Approval.  Love.  Acceptance.  Joy.  All too often, those of the world fill this spiritual void with “stuff” and with earthly relationships that cannot possibly satisfy.

With this in mind, “and your soul” means to seek Him with that deep spiritual desire only He can fill.  Don’t try to fill it with booze, sex, money, or the things of this world, lest you set yourself up for disaster.  Fill your soul with God alone.

“…to seek Yahweh your Elohim.”

I find it interesting that “seek” is a present-tense verb.  It never ends.  We are forever seeking our God.  There will never come a point, no matter how deeply rooted your faith, when you have “found” God and had enough of Him.  God is bottomless.  Infinite.  He is a Treasure that has no end.  Yeshua likened the Kingdom of Heaven as a treasure in a field (Matthew13:44).  A man found it, covered it back up, and sold all he had to obtain that field.  Within that one parable, we see this entire verse.

The man was digging.  He was searching, seeking.  He must have heard of the treasure and was trying to find it.  He DID find it.  He went and gave his entire heart and soul to purchase that field.  All his possessions, all his money, perhaps even his relationships, for that field.  In the buying, he is still therefore seeking this treasure for his own.

But as anyone who’s purchased that field will tell you, the Treasure doesn’t stop where the man found it in the dirt.  Seek a little more, and there is gold dust in the soil.  Dig deeper, and there are jewels in the clay.  Go farther down than you ever dared dream, and you find your field is on an endless gold mine! 

Why does God wish for us to seek Him?  Because it keeps the romance alive.  Remember wooing your spouse?  How exciting it was to learn their favorite color or movie or anything about them?  You were elated to talk to them, to spend time with them.  You wanted to know them, what they loved, who inspired them, if they felt the same way about you…  You were seeking their heart, seeking who they are!

With God, our seeking never comes to a close.  He goes on and on.  The more we seek, the more we find.  The more we find, the more we want to find.  The more we want to find, the more this seeking becomes an obsession.  It is within the seeking, dear reader, that the life-change happens.  I cannot fathom anyone, who has found a nugget of gold, would not wish to go back into the mine to get the rest! 

But seeking our God isn’t merely study.  Oh no.  We seek Him in prayer as well.  How many times has He been elusive to your petitions?  How many times have you come into His manifest presence?  He wants us to LONG for Him.  To PANT after Him.  He wants us to so LOVE Him, that the entire focus of our very being is on HIM.

Not only is seeking God a main theme in the Bible, it is also one of God’s most precious promises.  “Seek” is Strong’s number 1875, which is found in Deuteronomy 4:29: “You will seek Yahweh your Elohim and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul.

God promises that He WILL be found.  But we must seek with ALL of our hearts, ALL of our soul.  This means with our entire life, our entire love, our entire being, and our entire passion.  There is no room for wiggle.  God wants all – or nothing.

He asks you now, tonight, what is keeping you from Him?  Get rid of it.  What is more important?  Him?  Or that thing?  To what are you giving your heart and soul?  If you’re not seeking God, what you are seeking is futile.

Our Lord is elusive, like a young stag upon the mountains of spices.  He delights to reveal Himself to those who take the time to actively seek Him.  It is in the SEEKING, believer, that our passion and delight in Him grows.  The more He reveals, the more we want to know as He pulls back the veil to His Holy of holies.  He whispers His love for us throughout the pages of Scripture.  He beckons us to come forth, through the temple veil.  He grins at us to follow in His magnificent Footsteps and find a Love as strong as death, with flashes of consuming fire.  What could possibly hold us back from falling desperately in love with Yahweh, Lord of Hosts? 

I suppose the true question, Christian, is thus:  Are you willing to cross that veil into His glorious, unshakeable Love and leave this wretched world behind?

“Now set your heart and your soul to seek Yahweh your Elohim.”

Yeshua beckons you…  RUN to Him. 

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