Monday, April 1, 2013

Who is Like You, O Lord?

Today while doing the dishes in my kitchen and singing along with my praise, the Lord gave me some amazing wisdom.  It just kind of popped into my head.  That's when I know this wisdom didn't come from me, especially when there's no effort on my part to put 2+2 together.

The song I was listening to is a new one by Paul Wilbur entitled "Who is Like You" off His "Your Great Name" album.  This entire album is amazing.  I highly recommend it as its one of my favorites.  Before I get to my "revelation" in the kitchen while elbow-deep in dish soap, I want to give some background on the message of the song above.

One of the main themes of the Bible is that there is no one like our God.  He is absolutely holy and completely "other" than His creation.

In the book of Exodus, we come across chapter 15, which is known as the "song of Moses and Israel."  Verse 11 says:

Here we see the uniqueness of God among all the other "gods", as if there were others.  Only the God of Israel is the One running the universe.  No other god made of stone or gold can boast of such a claim.  We see this theme again in Psalm 71:19.

And one more example is found in Jeremiah 10:6:

There are many more similar verses.  The Jews were quite sure there was NO ONE like their God.  He was Higher than all other "gods", more Glorious than creation, completely Worthy of their praise, and their Provider Who took care of them.  He was holy, just, amazing, wonderful, fearful, and altogether lovely.

So here's where my "revelation" comes in.

While listening to Wilbur's song and doing the dishes, I was hit with a verse from the New Testament that floored me, even though I've skimmed the verse many times and never saw it.  Compared to this main theme of the Bible, that no one is like our God, it was one of those "WHOA!" moments that stopped me mid-scrub, lost in thought.  I held that dish aloft, dripping suds into the sink, while staring out my window.  My mind was blown!

Let this truth sink in to your spirit for a moment:

WE.  Shall.  Be.  Like.  HIM.

Do you see that truth nestled in 1 John 3:2?

The Apostle John is speaking of our glorification at the Resurrection (also known as the Rapture), when Christ comes for His Church and completes her salvation (Philippians 1:6).  Our salvation isn't "complete" until our glorification, when we shall be LIKE HIM.  I've read this verse many times, and I've even read and pondered that truth.  We shall be like the risen Christ, glorified and perfected, spirit-flesh rather than fallen-flesh.

But this revelation goes deeper than face value.

We received Christ's righteousness at the cross.  We are literally covered by His perfection.  Right now, we only have that righteousness spiritually.  But at the Resurrection when the Church is glorified, we shall have His righteousness bodily.  We will inherit the very righteousness of God.

This is an ASTONISHING gift!  A jaw-dropping one.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Lord of Hosts, the One who rides on the clouds, will one day glorify a people who WILL be like Him.  And we will SEE HIM as He is.  This implies that not even the angels can see Him as He is.  Scripture mentions angels in God's Throne room who cover their faces with their wings (Isaiah 6:2).  We know angels have the ability to rebel against God (hence demons).  Therefore, they do not have God's Own righteousness.

This is a privilege given only to Christ's Beloved -- His Church.  This idea is further solidified in Romans 6:5:

I knew we would become like Yeshua, but I guess it just didn't fully click with me, considering all the other times it's mentioned in the OT that NO ONE is like our God.  And yet...  He gives His favor to His children, and elevates them above the angels into the family of God.  Only the righteousness of God could win us through Heaven's gates, and one day, only the righteousness of God will make us like Him.  What an HONOR.  What a GLORY.  What a LOVE!

God was quite fond of letting the Israelites know there was NONE like Him.  Yet when Yeshua comes in Glory to take His Saints back up to Heaven, His Bride will unite with Him in such a way that she will literally be made in His image!  Could it be that God wanted a people for Himself, one that could actually see Him and know Him as He is, in a way that not even His holy angels could?  I think so.  And the more I learn about my Glorious God, the more I get absolutely fired up about the life to come!

I feel like I'm on the verge of Christmas morning every single day.  Who knows when Yeshua will call me up to Heaven?  But wow, am I EVER excited to get there!  Let's go, God!  I'm ready!  \O/

Praise Your Holy Name!


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